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Why AMX Law?
.Business mindset. Partners and team with solid business experience, education and background.
.Global perspective. From Switzerland's Crypto Valley to the global blockchain community. 
.Hands on approach. Results driven and proactive, directly joining several project teams. 
.Pragmatic solutions. Integrating the legal, business and tech dimensions of projects.    
.Open pricing system. You choose how, and how much, you want to pay. Literally.   
.We are among the pioneers in crypto + equity finance, dual-token systems, frameworked jurisdiction planning, etc.
.With offices in 4 countries and partners in 7 others, we can work totally online, but have been to more than 30 countries in the last 3 years, to join conferences and the global blockchain community, as well as to meet clients with a personal touch.
.We accept, and in fact prefer, payments in cryptos, accepting Bitcoin and almost all tradable tokens, including yours.
.We support innovation and have a special pricing system for early stage projects, also working close to seed investors to support them.
.Every month we select up to two startups or projects to get free initial support for legal structuring. Apply here.
Solution 01
Tokenization of assets, processes and business models
Solution 04
International contracts & corporate structures
Solution 02
Identifying the best jurisdictions
Solution 03
Smart contract and
token design
Solution 05
ICO, STO, TGE and IEO + Compliance, KYC & AML
Solution 06
Exchanges, OTCs, Miners, Funds, EMIs, Traders, etc

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