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"If you want to discover what blockchain can do for your business, or are considering to expand your activities to the world, we are the legal and strategy partner you need."

Company Profile

Who we are

AMX Law is a legal and strategy consulting firm operating in a global basis and focusing in three areas: blockchain, international and advanced business law.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland’s most dynamic business canton and 30min from Zurich, we are also present in key international jurisdictions, like the United Kingdom, Portugal, Brazil, the United States, Malta and the Cayman Islands.

Our signature is the development of creative and fully compliant legal solutions to match the most diverse business strategies, including a prominent activity in the blockchain and crypto economy domains.

Indeed, our specialties are the financial structuring of projects and ventures, the internationalization of business and companies and the development of blockchain and tokenization alternatives to improve existing or new business models.

We are among the pioneers in crypto + equity finance, dual-token systems, frameworked jurisdiction planning, etc.

With offices in 4 countries and partners in 7 others, we can work totally online, byt have been to more than 35 countries in the last 4 years, to join conferences and the global blockchain community, as well as to meet clients with a personal touch

We prefer payments in cryptos, accepting bitcoin and almost all tradable tokens, including yours.

We support innovation and have a special pricing sytem form early stage projects, also working close to seed investors to support them. Every month we select up to two startups or projects get free initial support for les structuring 

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