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  • Chose the most suitable jurisdiction for your business or project

  • Chose the right kind of company or design a structure with several companies

  • Open companies all over the world, as well as bank accounts and licenses and registries

  • Protect your assets, obtain licenses, resident permits and golden visas and plan your business and activities from a global perspective

Blockchain, Cryptos & Tokenization
  • How to use blockchain to improve or transform your business

  • Design of tokens (features and functionalities) and model the kind of token (utility, security, asset, payment, collectible, hybrid, etc) to best fit your project

  • Drafting of smart contracts from an integrated legal, business and technology perspective

  • Opening, registry and licensing of exchanges, OTCs, SROs, etc

  • Full design, structuring and implementation of ICOs, STOs, IEOs and Token Offers of any kind and in several jurisdictions (including Switzerland, Malta, Gibraltar, UK, Cayman and Estonia, among others)

Financial structuring
  • Design of several financing models and structures, based on project finance, leaning and other methods

  • Relationship with investors: which are the best funding strategies and instruments and how to design, negotiate and execute the best funding strategy for different projects and ventures

  • Relationship between partners and with related parties: how to remunerate each party and which rights shall each one hold

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